Cool, sweet breeze

Just when the hustle becomes a calm bustle

Rambling through the baritone

The beholder hums through a tune

One that reminds her of fondness

Fondness of a hug she cherishes

Of kindness

And childishness of eighth grade

Of songs uncountable

The rift between

feeling externally connected and internally devastated

The school uniform

She wore

Thinking all of her friends,

who said they would be by her side

Flirting around her knees as she struts through lanes

The Space between the foundation and her skin

Her teeth and it’s gasps

The void between ever and lasting

The chaos and the doom that follows.

A light appears through the piercing darkness

One that is strong enough to blind

One that wants to guide but has no bounds now

One, divine and human,

one, livid and glorious

-Ganga Niranjan

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