January 18, 2021

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Coronavirus vaccine rollout: Dry run starts in 4 states today amid new virus strain scare – Mint

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A dry run of the Covid-19 vaccination programme will be held in four states to test the planned operations and the laid-out mechanisms for the coronavirus inoculation drive.

The dry runs will be carried out today (28 December) and tomorrow (29 December) in Punjab, Assam, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat, day after recording the lowest daily Covid-19 cases in nearly six months.

Two districts in each of these four states across India’s four zones will assess their preparedness in five different types of medical settings – district hospitals, Community and Public Healthcare Centres, urban and rural areas, and private facilities.

Importantly, the Union Health Ministry has said that the dummy drive will include necessary data entry in Co-WIN, which is the online platform for monitoring of vaccine delivery, testing receipt and allocation, deployment of team members, mock drill of session sites with test beneficiaries as well as reporting and evening meeting.

Covid-19 inoculation drive will focus on:

1) The Centre’s end-to-end dry run for Covid-19 vaccination will also focus on the management of any possible adverse events following immunisation, cold storage and transportation arrangements, and crowd management at session sites with proper physical distance.

2) “This exercise will enable end-to-end mobilisation and testing of Covid-19 vaccination process (except the vaccine) and check the usage of Co-WIN in field environment, linkages between planning, implementation and reporting mechanisms, identify challenges and guide the way forward prior to actual implementation including improvements that may be required in the envisaged process,” the health ministry said in a statement.

3) In addition, infection control practices will be followed at the site to prevent coronavirus transmission.

Detailed checklist shared with 4 states

A detailed checklist, prepared by the Health Ministry, has been shared with the four states conducting the dry run.

Andhra Pradesh government has picked up Krishna district for the dry run, where it will be carried out in five locations, as per Health Commissioner Katamaneni Bhaskar.

“We’re testing the preparedness of cold chain, COVIN software & vaccination programme through 25 beneficiaries,” Dr Srihari, Joint Director, State Immunization Programme told news agency ANI.

Andhra govt has picked up Krishna district for the dry run.

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Andhra govt has picked up Krishna district for the dry run.

In Punjab, Ludhiana and Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar districts have been selected where the dry run for coronavirus immunization will be carried out.

According to the recommendations of the National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration of coronavirus (NEGVAC), three prioritised population groups are healthcare workers (about 1 crore), frontline workers (about 2 crore), and prioritized age group (about 27 crore).

After the dry run, a report prepared will be reviewed by the State Task Force, which will be submitted to the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

India, the second worst-hit country by the novel coronavirus pandemic, has been seeing a steady decline in its daily infections amid a rise in cases across Europe, America and a few African countries.

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