January 25, 2021

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PM’s tweet about lighting lamps most retweeted post in Indian politics in 2020 – Economic Times

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s tweet about lighting lamps of hope and good health during the COVID-19 pandemic was the most retweeted post in Indian politics in 2020, Twitter India said on Tuesday.

During his ‘9 PM-9 Minutes’ public address on April 3, Modi requested people of the country to light lamps from the safety of their homes as a symbolic gesture of solidarity towards one another, the micro-blogging site said.

In his tweet on April 5, Modi posted pictures of him lighting lamps as he wished hope and good health during the pandemic. The post received over 1,18,000 retweets and 5,13,000 likes.

Giving a round-up of the happenings in the Twitterverse, the micro-blogging site said 2020 was a unique year for everyone, which means conversation on Twitter was unique too.

“As the world grappled with a global pandemic, Indians took to Twitter to stay informed, connected and entertained while talking about their passions, re-discovering interests and having diverse conversations,” Twitter India said.

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