Andre Russell: It’s a good feeling to be back on the field. It’s been a tough two weeks doing rehab three times a day, was a bit painful. But, I’m happy that I’m back. It’s a grade two hamstring tear which usually takes 8 weeks to heal. The scan was very ugly. With KKR physio and doctors around me, it helped. I was bowling a few walk upon balls before the game tonight, and it felt good. When it (hamstring) is feeling good, that’s when it’s healing, and I don’t want to disturb the healing process. We have a good bowling (attack), so I can chip in with the yorkers at the backend, but for now I’m going to take one game at a time. As soon as I sweat and my blood’s getting hot, I’m getting out. We were waiting for the cricket gods to work things out for us. I watch each and every game. We play against each other, two games against the same team in a season. So, I watch on the phone what the bowlers do and the batters do.

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